Quality Report

class gretel_client.evaluation.quality_report.QualityReport(*, project: Optional[gretel_client.projects.projects.Project] = None, name: Optional[str] = None, data_source: Union[str, pathlib.Path, gretel_client.projects.common._DataFrameT], ref_data: Union[pathlib.Path, str, gretel_client.projects.common._DataFrameT], output_dir: Union[str, pathlib.Path, None] = None, runner_mode: Optional[gretel_client.config.RunnerMode] = <RunnerMode.CLOUD: 'cloud'>)

Represents a Quality Report. This class can be used to create a report.

  • project – Optional project associated with the report. If no project is passed, a temp project (gretel_client.projects.projects.tmp_project) will be used.

  • data_source – Data source used for the report.

  • ref_data – Reference data used for the report.

  • output_dir – Optional directory path to write the report to. If the directory does not exist, the path will be created for you.

  • runner_mode – Determines where to run the model. See gretel_client.config.RunnerMode for a list of valid modes. Manual mode is not explicitly supported.

property as_dict

Returns a dictionary representation of the report.

property as_html

Returns a HTML representation of the report.

peek() → Optional[Dict[str, Any]]

Returns a dictionary representation of the top level report scores.