exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.ContainerRunError

There was a problem running the job from a local container.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.DataSourceError

Indicates there is a problem reading the data source.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.DataValidationError

Indicates there is a problem validating the structure of the data source.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.DockerEnvironmentError

The host docker environment isn’t configured correctly.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.GretelJobNotFound(job: None)

The job could not be found. May be either a model or record handler.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.GretelProjectError

Problems with a Gretel Project.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.GretelResourceNotFound

Baseclass for errors locating remote Gretel resources.

The context property may be overridden to provide additional information that may be helpful in correctly addressing the Gretel resource. Generally, the context should follow a simple key, value dictionary pattern.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.MaxConcurrentJobsException(status=None, reason=None, http_resp=None)

Maximum concurrent jobs limit imposed by the server.

For backwards compatibility this exception subclasses the ApiException generated by OpenAPI.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.ModelConfigError

Could not read or load the specified model configuration.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.ModelError

There was a problem creating the model.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.ModelNotFoundError(job: None)

Failed to lookup the remote model.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.RecordHandlerError

There was a problem run the model.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.RecordHandlerNotFound(job: None)

Failed to lookup the remote record handler.

exception gretel_client.projects.exceptions.WaitTimeExceeded

Thrown when the wait time specified by the user has expired.